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Important Note For Air Conditioner User
*It’s very important to have your air conditioner check & service regularly
*Not only your breath in a fresher air for a better health
*You can also save on energy cost & extent your equipments life span

As you may aware regular service maintenance of your air conditioner is critical as you do not want your air conditioner to be break down, especially during hot & humid session like Singapore.

We provide regular servicing either quarterly, bi-monthly, monthly or single trip to suit your needs & select


Why Need Chemical Cleaning For Air Conditioner
As you may aware in Singapore due to humid climate, such as extensive use can lead to decreased function efficiency of your air conditioner, perhaps in some cases, the air conditioner not cold or maybe water leaks and leaves a wet mess on your floor.

It is important and essential to understand why your air conditioner seems to be full of problems.

Chemical cleaning is more effective way of cleaning your air conditioner, indoor bacterial can grow at fan coil or other parts of your air conditioner very quickly.When these bacteria are not taken care, problem will surface and your air conditioner will not function effectively.

In some cases, air generated from the air conditioner can be cause bad smell. At this time, chemical cleaning is required instead of general servicing.


Chemical Cleaning Scope Of Work Include
1. Dismantle of fan cover, air filter, drain pan & fan motor coil to wash & clean
2. Chemical wash & clean fan coil unit & all parts
3. Vacuum & clean drainage pipe systems
4. Clean & dry all the components with cloth
5. Fix & install back to its original position
6. Check it operation condition & temperature
7. Test & commissioning the systems

Benefits After Chemical Cleaning
1. Cleaner air to breathe
2. Save on energy cost
3. Quieten operation and increase cooling
4. Prolong life span of the equipment
5. Prevent water dripping
6. Earlier detection of any abnormal function


Why Chemical Descale Air Conditioner Drainage Pipes Necessary?
One of the main reason your air conditional water leaking, it could be due to drainage pipes blocked by dirt substance caused the drainage pipes making difficult for water to drain out. You may refer to the photo image below.

In fact all drainage pipes should be clear at all times.

However sometimes due to long time usage & the dirt accumulated to form up such as jelly substance jammed up surrounding of the drainage pipe cause the pipe holes become smaller.

Solution: It must use the chemical to descale all dirt substance from the drainage pipes (B) in order to clear off and returned back to the original dimension of the drain pipe hole (A).



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