Supply & Installation

We are confident to undertake, design & built, and provide the highest level of workmanship to you and your prestige company the following ACMV services:

Our scope of work includes:

  1. Air-cooled Multi Split & VRV System
  2. Central Air conditioning system including Air Handling unit, Cooling towers and Chilled water Pipe System
  3. Fabrication of Ductwork System
  4. Mechanical Ventilation System
  5. Kitchen exhaust / Ventilation System
  6. Carpark ventilation System
  7. Smoke engineering System
  8. ACMV Electrical Control System

Our own in-house team undergo stringent quality and productivity training to ensure high level standard of works and finished products. The various teams operating within our group includes:

  1. Ducting Fabrication & Installation Team
  2. Chilled water Systems Team
  3. Refrigeration Systems Team
  4. Electrical systems team

Our services include problem solving and consultation, project management, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Air-Conditioning, Mechanical Ventilation & Smoke Control Systems.

All our ductwork and ventilation system are based on the latest ACMV/HVAC technology. The proper usage of ACMV/HVAC technology can allow for effective room air distribution (ACMV systems) or effective forced air removal (exhaust and unwanted air).

Maintenance Servicing

We elevate our general servicing with combined of highly trained technicians and technical expertise with state-of-art equipment.

Our affordable services are designed to provide you with a complete and reliable experience. Most importantly, our service is tailored to meet your requirements.


  1. High pressure steam cleaning for the evaporator coil
  2. Cleaning the condenser coil
  3. Vacuum and clear the condensate drainage pipe
  4. Cleaning the air-filter and inspect electrical components
  5. Inspect and charge refrigeration gas (R22/R410A), if necessary
Chemical Servicing

The self rinsing chemical uses the force of natural condensation action to clean and flush the fan coil unit. No dismantling of equipment is required.


  1. Spray self rinsing chemical directly onto the surface of the fan coil.
  2. Turn on the air conditioner to allow normal cycle to create normal condensation.
  3. Automatic cleaning when condensation takes place. Leave for 10 minutes.
  4. Clear water tray and flush the drainage pipe.

Did you know?

This inexpensive method improves the cooling efficiency, promote comfort level and also effectively remove any dirt, bacteria, germs, fungi and unpleasant odors.

Contract Servicing

Regular servicing prolongs the life span of the air-conditioner and for air quality betterment. We recommend 4 to 12 regular maintenance services per year. Our rates are affordable and maintenance program is recommend according to best suit your budget and requirements.

System Operation Data Analysis

Along with the advent of technology, we provide accurate measurement for reliable analysis for trouble shooting of air conditioning system performance.


  1. Use of data logger to record the performance data for temperature, humidity, pressure and current.
  2. Print report of technical graph to analyze performance.
  3. Recommend necessary rectification work to be carried out.


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